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Gobind Sharma Neupane is

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Gobind Sharma Neupane

Husbandry Co-ordinator
  • Възраст
  • Държава на раждане
  • Място на работа
    Almeidans Farm, Portugal
  • Любим плод

I arrived in Portugal in 2016, after completing my degree in the UK. During my degree I worked as a manager of a large chain restaurant, which was my first job in the UK.

When I joined Hall Hunter I didn’t know anyone, it was a totally new experience for me! Everyone there made me feel really welcome and were very friendly. I was grateful for the support and guidance I was given when I started as there was a lot to learn!

As I continue in my role as Husbandry Co-Ordinator, my aims are to keep developing and learning. I also want to sharpen my leadership and management skills to constantly improve productivity.

I’ve only worked at Almeidans Farm while at Hall Hunter, perhaps one day I’ll work at one of the other farms, but for now I’m very happy here.

Since starting at Hall Hunter, I’ve seen enormous change – there’s a constant focus on improvement, progress and innovation, that’s why working here is so rewarding.

I’ve made some great friends since joining, both in Almeidans farm and the whole of Hall Hunter.


Vacancy Application

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