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Kishor Baniya, harvest co-ordinator at Hall Hunter Partnership

Семейни истории

Kishor Baniya

Harvest Co-ordinator
  • Възраст
  • Държава на раждане
  • Място на работа
    Almedians Farm, Portugal
  • Любим плод

I first arrived in Portugal in September 2015. Before I began working at Hall Hunter, I was working as a soft fruit picker in one of the Haygrove Farms here in Portugal.

I didn’t know anyone at Hall Hunter before I joined, but that didn’t matter as I was quickly welcomed and made to feel like part of the team. People are very open and friendly here, so for people like me who don’t know anyone before they join, it’s a reassuring and supportive environment to enter.

I’m an ambitious and motivated person and hope that during my career with Hall Hunter I can build a team of strong leaders, improve forecast accuracy and increase productivity. It’s good to have goals!

Since joining Hall Hunter, I’ve seen a lot of changes! The company had only recently been set up here in Portugal, so I’ve witnessed plenty of evolution and development. There’s definitely still a sense of establishing ourselves and real excitement about the potential of this farm, it’s great to be a part of it.

I’ve made so many good friends, mentors and colleagues during my time here, there is a true sense of family among us all which isn’t something you often find. It’s a great place to work!

Vacancy Application

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