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Lyubo Tomov, Assistant Glasshouse Manager at Hall Hunter Partnership

Семейни истории

Lyubomir Tomov

Assistant Glasshouse Manager
  • Възраст
  • Държава на раждане
  • Място на работа
    Leythorne & Donaldsons
  • Любим плод

I arrived in the UK back in 2009, before that I was studying management in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I joined Hall Hunter as a picker and was based at Tuesley farm in Godalming.

The year before I joined, a friend of mine was working at Tuesley farm and had mentioned how much he was enjoying it, so I already had an idea of the company culture. I was welcomed immediately and can genuinely say that I’ve never experienced a negative attitude at Hall Hunter since I began working here all those years ago – it’s such a great place to be.

My long term goal is to become a Farm Manager, but at the moment I’m just enjoying the journey and progression towards it.

I was based at Tuesley until 2013 and then I transferred to the Chichester farms, moving between the glasshouses at Leythorne Nursery and the fields (Groves Farm), where I have been ever since.

Since I started here, I’ve seen the business grow and grow (and it continues to grow!) There’s been fantastic opportunities for people to develop within the company and there’s an ongoing commitment to people’s welfare.

Over the years I’ve met my closest friends, not to mention my partner, at Hall Hunter! It’s been the source of a lot of happiness in my life. Our teams here are welcoming, inclusive and work together like family.

Vacancy Application

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